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Free Temporary Email provides an unlimited, free, temporary, anonymous, and disposable email service. Forget about signup, email verification, data leaks, advertising mail, spam, hacking, & attacking robots. Care of your original email.


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Temporary Email - is a disposable free email service that self destructs after a set amount of times. It is also known as free temporary email, temp mail, throw away mail, 10 minute mail, 1 week email, burner mail, trash mail, virtual mail, guerrilla mail, quick email, instant email and fake email generator.

Why experts prefer temporary email?
- Free and unlimited.
- No signup.
- Instant accessible.
- No email verification.
- To stay anonymous.
- To testing any application.
- To register any site.
- To avoid spam, hacking.
- To avoid promotional email.


How to get a free temporary email?
If you just visit our website, after visiting the website automatically you will get an instant free tempmail to use. Just copy and use it.

If you delete one, automatically you will get a new one. Remember, yes, you can get unlimited amount of it using our website.

How long does it last?
Free Temporary Email is merely keeping all temp-mail for just a week. Here always just in time (instantly), you'll receive messages to your email box.

Your email will be deleted from our server after 1 week, so you do not have to worry about your privacy with us.

How to manually delete it?
You can delete it by clicking the delete button on the homepage. No need to do anything else more.

How to get a custom email?
At first you click on the CHANGE option. Then, give your custom username on the 'Enter Your Mail' option. Finally, click on the CHANGE EMAIL. That's it.

How can I check my received emails?
You can always instantly check your received emails on the mailbox field. Sender, Subject & View option is available here.

Automatically the inbox page will take a refresh after every 7 seconds, no need to do anything by you.

But, by clicking on the refresh button, you can also easily give a refresh to check your upcoming email messages.

Are disposable email services legal?
Yes, disposable email services, which are also called, "temporary email," are legal everywhere in the world!

Is it safe to use Free Temporary Email?
Yes, we can assure you it is 100% safe to use. 
Because, we do not keep store users data after the time period expired.

Conclusion: If your goal is to get the best working disposable email service, then you are in the right place. Because, we ensure users' privacy, fastest page loading, providing instant mail and do not bother users by showing excessive ads. So, It will be a cool decision if you stay with us!