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Free Temporary Email helps to user to keep their real email box clean, safe, & secure. It's free and private. No more worries about data leaks, promotional emails, spam, hacking, and attacking robots. Stay anonymous & keep spam out your mail box.


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What is temporary email?

Temporary Email - is a free email service that allows user to receive messages to auto generated one-time email address that is self destructs after a set specific time period. It is also known as: disposable email, temp mail, fake email, throwaway email, 10 minute mail, trash mail. Free Temporary Email - is a super advanced temp mail service that last for 7 days, helps user to stay secure and safe on online.

Behind the scene of temporary email address!

In the early days of internet, websites and online services asked users to provide their email addresses, and simply an issue was created.

Cause of that, they faced lot of problems like mail bombing, unwanted promotional email, data leaks, phishing attacks and after facing that problems here users were concerned about their privacy.

And to address these concerns, disposable temp mail was invented which is known as also fake email address. These email addresses are temporary and typically self-destructs after a set time period like 10 minutes, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.

Why do we need a free temporary email address?

First of all to stay anonymous we can use temp mail. Then, checking any application features, or enjoying any trial services on web.

It helps to registration on any website like facebook, twitter (X), instagram, tiktok, etc. without using an original email address. And it's a solution of getting multiple accounts.

Anyway, It's work as an virtual assistant for developer and techy people, helps to avoid promotional emails, attacking robots. Then, prevent spam, hacking, and it's also working to prank with friends.

And, sometimes few people wants to know is it legal to use? The answer is YES! Disposable email address is legal everywhere in the internet.

How can I get a fake email address without any step?

It's really so simple to get a free temporary e-mail address. Remember our website URL to directly findout and visit

Ensure you are visiting to the right URL & after visiting the website you will automatically get an email address under the "Your Temporary Email Address." Just copy your disposable email and use it.

And, to get an custom email, click on the CHANGE button. Then put your choosen username and finally click on the CHANGE EMAIL button. That's it.

How can I check my received email?

You can easily always check your received temp mail on the mailbox field. Please look: Sender, Subject, and View word is available here on the mail box screen. You will received your incoming all emails is here.

How long will last my email address is here?

Free Temporary Email provides temp mail address services for free and it will last for users 1 week / 7 days.

Here you can get unlimited amount of email addresses. If you delete one then automatically our system will generate for you a new email address.

How to choose a best temporary email service provider?

Keep in mind, best disposable temp mail service provider doesn't required any step to get an email address. You will get here unlimited amount of email address instantly, after deleting one you will get here another new one.

Must be email addresses are should keep remain anonymous by provider. Observe that your email is disposable or not and consider how long time provider allow to use email addresses.

Looks, here easy to use website? And, finally think that providers show or do not show excessive amount of ADs to keep their users happy.

Now: November 2023, Free Temporary Email still works on Internet!

If your goal is to get the best disposable free temp mail services, then you are in the right place. Because ensures users privacy!

And, providing unlimited temp-mail for free, there is no step to get an email address, and we do not bother users showing excessive ads. Enjoy our services and thanks for share us with your friends. Take Love!